Every now and then, change falls upon us.

Why are so many of us afraid of accepting change?

When changes happen, some of us are excited, others frightened. The latter ones have the tendency to remain in their comfort zone, clinging onto the habits they know and want them to remain unchanged. Let’s just take a moment to recall our life and think hard about the times when changes occurred, inevitably, yet they produced beneficial results for our life which we might not have welcomed or accepted at first. First heartbreak, school change, moving away, change of friends, jobs… Changes always seemed pretty scary at first but eventually we accepted them as we started to see their meaning.

Granted, changes have the habit of catching us off guard by leading us away from the habitual surroundings and unleashing unknown, strange and at times challenging circumstances upon us. Whatever the purpose, we have the duty to survive and thrive on, as that is our instinct.

What happened when we noticed that we accepted some changes that we didn’t at first? What really changed? The situation or us? In fact, everything is changing all the time. It is always the fear of newness, of “not knowing how to handle the unknown” that stops us from thinking critically, from preventing us to even consider a change in the first place, even though our partner treats us badly, our so-called friends pressure us into doing something we don’t like, or our job is making us unhappy and depressed. It is the fear that something worse may come along after we let go of what or whom we know. Maybe we should ask ourselves the question whether or not we want to be happy. When we realise that we can never change the other person/s or the situation at hand, we are able to accept the only person and thing that we can change: ourselves and our decisions. When we start to consider other possibilities, we have begun to shift our perspective that opens our mind to embrace the newness and let go of the past. It’s both necessary and inevitable, and we do us well to keep an open heart for the changes that may seem unpleasant, annoying, inconvenient at first, but these doubts and worries go away once we welcome the new circumstances.

The void where we let go of what we already knew, but no longer serves us, to reach the place where we want to go, is exactly where change happens. After all, “progress” means “taking a step forward”, and that is only doable if we move away from where we are standing, out of our comfort zone. It’s scary, but only when we let go, will we learn how to fly.

The only constant in life is change. – Heraclitus