The less fun, but unfortunately most essential stuff.

A really good question! I’m a Yoga teacher, lifelong learner, nature admirer, a freedom seeker, peace foodist, rebel, animal lover… For more than 15 years, I’ve tutored individual students, from primary school to Master students, in academic subjects, but eventually I realized that the real lessons went beyond good grades or how to become a society member. There are a lot of information on this website that point towards who I want to be. If it doesn’t help, try reading my journey. But the best way to get to know me is to talk to me. For the more formal answer to this question, go to the really boring information under Terms and Conditions.

A sharp observer, aren’t you! It’s a widely known secret but… I love word plays! Since I love vegan food, puns and the colour green, I decided to combine them all in my first business name. I like to not take myself too seriously. And if my “incorrectly spelled” name stays in your mind, that’s all that matters to me.
My first 200 hours teaching certificate was about Sivananda style. However, I love the world of dance and creative diversity, therefore my Yoga lessons are a mix of Sivananda, Ashtanga, Yin, Yogance and dance elements.
Well, call it intuition, experience, but mostly it is communication. I try my best to get to know you as in-depth as possible in the intake session and observe your practice style during the actual Yoga sessions. However, I also rely on your honest opinion when you feel that the practice can be more challenging, faster, slower etc. Never hesitate to let me know when something’s bugging you.
Of course, nothing is set in stones after all! I can adapt the lesson to your preference. However, I do believe that practicing all disciplines regularly is the most powerful combination to unleash your potentials and cultivate your progress best and fastest.
Basically, the only equipment you’ll need is a Yoga mat, or a fitness mat that supports you in inversions, has a good length for you to rest in savasana (corpse pose) and a good grip. You can also get yourself 2 Yoga blocks, a Yoga pillow and a Yoga strap if you want but it’s not mandatory. We will work with whatever is available in your home, like a couch, a wall, pillows, clothes etc. I believe in your body’s strength and my creativity; however, I’ll support and share with you tips of working with accessories in case you wish to do so.
For the online sessions, obviously you’ll need at least a laptop or smartphone with a camera. If you have a TV screen that can be connected to your laptop or smartphone, that’ll even help you see me in all magnificence magnitude.

The first thing I would like to ask you is not to expect outcomes in terms of numbers, such as losing XX kg, cm etc. Consistent Yoga practice has tremendous positive effects on physical strength, flexibility, mobility, mindfulness and improves well-being. Nonetheless improvements vary from person to person and depend on your commitment. There may also be some steps backwards before you can continue forward. In general, it will bring out the best in you if you regard the Yoga practice, together with a peasful, vegan diet, as a lifelong journey, focus on the experiences instead of results, and you will be amazed at all the profound changes.

The irony is: the less you expect, the more you’ll get. Some of my clients experienced improvements right away while being coached by me once a week, some others a bit later while practicing Yoga more often. There are many influential factors at play here. I suggest to just get started with 1-2 sessions and once you start feeling and seeing the benefits, you’ll automatically want to do more. The “benefits” that I refer to here can be physical, emotional or spiritual. Everyone is unique and so are the results.
If you are already getting results from free online Yoga classes, you are certainly not reading this boring stuff right now. I believe in free stuff too, however there is a limit to the depth of knowledge that one can get from free stuff alone. There is also the personal attention and motivation that drive human beings towards greater improvements than anonymous, non-personal classes. And even though “a gram practice is better than a ton of theories” (Swami Sivananda), some people need “a ton of theories” to get to “a gram practice” . If you get what you want through reading, all the power to you!
You can read all about this topic on my blog here.

Yoga is a wonderful body exercise system and bears many healing properties on multiple levels. However, even though many people profess to have cured their illness with it, be aware that it does not necessarily heal the same way for your illness. My Services shall at no time replace your health insurance, doctor visits or any type of medical treatments or therapies. If, at the time of booking, you have any physical impairments, take drugs or medications, have allergies, attend any form of therapies or previously undergone any diets or surgeries, please consult your doctor or health practitioner before booking my Services. Note that I am just a guide on your journey, your physical abilities are listened to and owned by you, so are your progress and results. I will not assume any responsibility for any discomfort or injury that may occur after the class.

First things first: Go to Yoga@home or Yoga@work and choose the service you would like to book. Then choose “Initial consultation” and fill in all necessary information. I will either confirm the intake appointment or suggest an alternative date and time. During the free intake session via Hangout or Skype, we will discuss your focus, physical conditions and how the plan works. I will also give a free short Yoga session during the intake session (available for Yoga@home). Afterwards I will send you the service confirmation via e-mail which will also contain the payment options as well as the link to the available appointment slots for you to choose. From that moment on you’ll have 7 days to consider moving on with me by simply clicking the payment button and reserving your appointments. If you’re not ready, simply ignore the e-mail. Please do send me a feedback as to why I was not the right fit for you, so that I can work on improving my services.
YES! Please book your initial consultation if you haven’t had an appointment with me in the past so that we get to know each other. No credit/debit card details will be asked! After the intake session, I’ll send you a follow-up e-mail with all details and you’ll have 7 days from then to consider continuing or stopping altogether. No strings attached! No hidden fees! Easy peasy and straightforward!
Currently I accept PayPal and bank transfer. More payment options will be added when they’re ready.

The awesome and customer-friendly booking software company who provides the payment option PayPal for me is completely PCI-compliant, as they manage the payment.

Plans change often in life so no sweat! You can cancel up to 1 day (or 24 hours) prior to your appointment. Simply use the calendar function to reschedule your appointment, or send me an e-mail to and include your alternative date and time.

Peasfulness and happiness are what I want you to experience through my services and therefore, if you aren’t, your money will be refunded without quibbles. Please let me know within 3 days (72 hours) after our last coaching session via e-mail to .

If you booked a multiple sessions package but decide to drop the journey in between, the remaining unused amount will be refunded to you. There are no long-term contracts and commitment. Simply send me an email up to 48 hours before our next appointment to I would really appreciate your honesty to let me know why you decided to discontinue altogether. If you prefer to postpone further appointments, easy peasy! Simply use up your sessions package within 6 months from the booking date.

Currently there is only the option to pay per appointment, or per multiple sessions package. Payment must arrive on my bank account up to 48 hours before our first paid session together (after the initial consultation). I am considering other options and will update the website accordingly. Let me know via the feedback form in case you prefer other payment options.

Send me your questions via the contact form and I will get back to you within 48 hours.