Thai Yoga Massage or simply referred to as Thai Massage is a full body massage, wherein palming and thumbing are used along the body’s energy lines and pressure points. Some Yoga asanas are incorporated into this massage, the recipient is passively stretched. This massage releases stress and toxins that lie deeply underneath skin and tension is released from the muscles’ tissues. Applying pressure on the particularly stressed body parts may result in slightly dull pain, however you will feel relaxed, more flexible, lighter, fatigue will be released from the muscles after the massage.

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. – Buddha


  • Improves body’s flexibility.

  • Balances body’s energy pathways.

  • Enhance body’s energy flow.

  • Relieves pain due to arthritis, stress, and overworked muscles.

  • Increases range of motion.

  • Detoxifies internal organs.

  • Enriches emotional calming and deep relaxation.

  • Deepens the connection between body, mind and soul.

  • Improves blood circulation


  • The massage cannot be applied on open wounds, thrombosis, enlarged veins, osteoporosis, dislocated joins/tendons/bones.
  • Please indicate in your booking request if you have any physical impairments and consult with your doctor first.

My Services shall at no time replace your health insurance, doctor visits or any type of medical treatments or therapies. If, at the time of booking, you have any physical impairments, take drugs or medications, have allergies, diseases, attend any form of therapies or previously undergone any diets or surgeries, please consult your doctor or health practitioner before booking my Services.


  • At my home (Eva Besnyöstraat 254, 1087LM Amsterdam)
  • Wear comfortable clothing. This massage is applied on top of your clothes. For its effectiveness, your clothes are ideally made out of cotton and reasonably thin.
  • Please wash your feet, hands and face before coming to the massage.

All prices include VAT.

  • 52 € for 60 minutes
  • 66 € for 75 minutes
  • 75 € for 90 minutes
  • 84 € for 105 minutes
  • 92 € for 120 minutes (full body – highly recommended)
  • Payment is to be made prior to appointment confirmation

I completed a 80 hour course at Yoga Vidya, the largest Yoga ashram in Europe.

“After a challenging vinyasa workshop weekend at Yoga Vidya I catched the opportunity to get a wonderful Thai-Yoga-Massage from Tinja. It was the perfect conlusion after this joyful weekend. On my way home I was full of serenity and bliss. As an advanced Yoga teacher and practinioner she has a a profound understanding of the human body and knows how to treat each body/person individually. She has a great massage technique. I enjoyed every minute and had the feeling, that I can totally trust her, that she knows exactly what she is doing. Besides she is a very kind and lovely person :-). Namaste”


“Liebe Tinja, vielen Dank für deine wundervolle Thaiyoga-massage und deine liebevolle Art. Ein wunderbares Gefühl – besonders die tolle neue Beweglichkeit der Schultergelenke die immer noch spürbar ist. Ich hoffe sehr, dass ich das Glück habe dich wieder in BM zu treffen … Liebe Grüße Shakti”


“Namaste Tinja! Ich möchte mich bei Dir nochmal für die tolle Thai-Yoga-Massage bedanken. Es war zwar nicht die erste Thai- oder Yoga-Massage, aber diese war eine ganz besondere Erfahrung. Woran hat es gelegen? War es die Kombination aus Thai- und Yoga-Massage, war es Deine Einfühlsamkeit oder Dein gutes Händchen für’s Setting, dass ich bei der Druck-Massage eine angenehme, intensive Wärme gespürt habe, wie noch nie zuvor? Vermutlich muss ich mich bei nächster Gelegenheit wieder von Dir massieren lassen, um dem Geheimnis etwas näher zu kommen und dieses Erlebnis genießen zu können.”


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