Whether you’re looking for a way to improve your fitness, experience more vitality, seek for a profound change in your physical, emotional or spiritual life, I’ll be happy to guide you on your way. Though doing Yoga asanas, breathing techniques and meditation is proven to increase your physical vitality, balance your mental state of mind and aid you on your journey to find soul peace, I would like to ask you not to expect certain outcomes in a restricted time frame or numbered results. I do, however, guarantee that the more you let yourself immerse in experiencing and simply enjoying the journey, the closer you will get towards inner peace, happiness and self-love.

I offer private Yoga lessons via Hangout/Skype, or at your home for additional transport costs (Amsterdam area only). My lessons are customized to beginners (with or without any prior Yoga knowledge), intermediate, advanced, or people with backpain. If you have a certain area that you would like to work on, e.g. flexibility, strength, mobility, balance, asanas etc., we will talk about your focus in the intake session. Should your focus change between the lessons, feel free to let me know.

“There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path.” – Buddha


  • Time-saving as there is no travel needed

  • Flexible and adaptable to your schedule

  • Easy set-up and convenient. All you need is a laptop/smartphone/tab, Internet and Yoga mat.

  • Comfort of practicing within your private space

  • Heightened body consciousness and mindfulness due to the loss of the “touch” sense

  • The lesson goes as fast and as in-depth as you are ready for it.

  • Coaching is entirely customizable  and adaptable to your progress, focus and readiness. Go as fast or as slow as you need.

  • More affordable than face-to-face coaching as travel costs are eliminated.

  • Freedom! Go surfing, then grab your laptop and do Yoga with me. No need to reschedule even when you are on vacation.

  • Effort is all yours! I neither push nor pull you into asanas. You own your progress and improvements.

  • Active listening, focus concentration and sharpened intuition are learned by listening and applying rather than watching and imitating.

Excited to discover a whole new side of you? See below which type of service suits you best.

“I love Tinja’s sessions since she is a very kind person and an excellent instructor but also a though one! She is the reason why I started yoga and I am very grateful for that!

I found the online session a very cool idea and I were not disappointed once I tried it out. I loved the fact that I can do yoga at home but also someone is instructing me. It is more entertaining than the same videos every time. Also big plus is that in case I did something wrong I was corrected. I can only recommend to try it out!”

Ildikó B.

“Tinja is a great teacher – right mix of instruction and encouragement. My yoga is improving each week. Totally recommend.”

Jennifer C.

“Thank you for the wonderful and inspiring session.
Also thank you for the wake-up call for my body and spirit.”

Doralin D.

“Thanks so much for this great opportunity. My hubby and I had a lot of fun and felt marvelous after the yoga session.”


“Tinja is the best yoga teacher that I ever had. Thanks to her, I discovered this practice and loved/love it. A huge THANK YOU. Hope to share this retreat with you next year.”



Choose your preferred Service below. Intake session is free so that you can see for yourself whether you’d like to continue with me. If you have something else in mind but it is not listed here, do let me know via the contact form. All prices include VAT.

IMPORTANT: Neither my Yoga coaching service nor nutrition counselling replace the advice of a professional dietitian or doctor. If you have any physical impairments, illnesses or take medications, please consult your doctor first. Note that I am just a guide on your journey, your physical abilities are listened to and owned by you, so are your progress and results. I will not assume any responsibility for any discomfort or injury that may occur after the class.

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