Workforce is the most important asset of a company, therefore taking care of the personnel is crucial in order to keep the company thriving. Healthy employees get sick less often, recover more quickly when they do fall ill, are happier, have a clear, focused mindset, are more effective at work, resistant against stress, confident in their decision-making, meetings and sales pitches. The traditional health care system has mostly only looked at treating symptoms, whereas it is more vital to maintain health and prevent illness to happen in the first place. There have been various researches showing the effectiveness of happy, healthy employees at work. Providing employees with the opportunity to do Yoga at the workplace is a way for employers to show their appreciation and concern for their well-being.

There are easy Yoga exercises that you can do at work to release the tension in your body and mind even as you’re sitting at the office desk. All it takes is a few minutes of your awareness to fix your sitting posture, stretch, breathe, release symptoms of stress such as nervousness, irritation, frustration, anger etc., and regain your equanimity. Whether 5 or 120 minutes daily are enough to balance your work-life is all up to you. And if it all sounds too good to be true, the beautiful thing is: you don’t have to believe in the effectiveness of Yoga. Scroll down to see some of the benefits and give it a try!

“Success is 80% attitude and 20% aptitude.” – Albert Einstein



for employees

  • Time-saving as workshops and lessons happen at the company

  • Money-saving as workshops and lessons are paid for by employer

  • Maintain physical fitness

  • Reduce stress

  • Sustain productivity, concentration, equanimity

  • Strengthen positive attitude

  • Decrease mood swing, nervousness, anxiety

  • Improve work-life balance

for employers

  • Healthier workforce

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Higher work morale

  • Better decision makers

  • Better collaborators

  • Improve employee-employer-relationship


“I liked how the (Chair Yoga) workshop made me feel for the rest of day, calm and less anxious. Could be good for a Monday at lunch to set you up for the week. I felt more productive that day too”

employee (feedback survey)

“Awesome teacher, great exercices! The fact that the (Chair Yoga) session was during the lunch break made it really smooth as well, like a true break during the day.”

customer success team manager (feedback survey)

“As our jobs do not make us move a lot, not to say not at all, I think that it’s really important to have these kind of (Chair Yoga) sessions available for us during work hours. It’s even more important that with this single session for instance, I felt way more efficient in the afternoon than on a regular day.”

sales employee (feedback survey)

“I liked that all the (Chair Yoga) exercises are reproducible at work.”

employee (feedback survey)

“The breathing techniques were very good and the instructor had a very warm and approachable attitude.”

employee (feedback survey)

“I liked the variety of exercises we did; the eye exercises I found particularly interesting.”

marketing team manager (feedback survey)

“Would love to see regular yoga as a permanant slot, I think it would boost productivity as like I said, I found it very calming (as a sales person).”

sales employee (feedback survey)


If your company does not have a spare room to do Yoga lessons, my workshop is the perfect offer as all I need is a conference room. Asanas, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation taught in the workshops are adapted to work situations, done right at your desk and are chosen with emphasis on mindfulness rather than physical practice.

If your company has a room, is willing to invest in essential equipment such as Yoga mats, I would be more than happy to come by and give Yoga lessons at your company (location dependent).

IMPORTANT: Neither my Yoga coaching service nor nutrition counselling replace the advice of a professional dietitian or doctor. If you have any physical impairments, illnesses or take medications, please always consult your doctor first.

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